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Review: The Art of Storage Leonardo Bike Storage Rack & Tire Tray

Author: Dustin Posted: 2015-01-03

A few days ago I picked up the "Leonardo" bike storage rack... and after a few days, I am ready to complete my review

The basics:  This rack is a 2 piece item.  Piece 1 is the bike holder which screws into the wall* (screws included) *You must screw it into a stud.  Piece 2 is a plastic tray that sticks (double-stick tape) to the wall to protect the wall from your rear tire.
Weight Limit: 40lb  (Tested here with a  39.7lb bike)

The ups:
* Turns your parked bike into a show piece
* Saves a bunch of floor space
* Inexpensive - around $15 at Target and Amazon (qualifies for Prime if you've got it) at time of writing
* Easy and relatively quick installation (the most of the time will be spent finding a stud)

The nitty-gritty
* You'll need a good stud finder! This MUST be screwed into a stud unless you want to destroy your wall and drop your bike too
* The tire tray does save your wall from tire marks....but I wonder what damage it'll do to the wall when I yank it off (double-stick tape holds the tray to the wall... but it isn't an easy-remove type like those 3M command strips, so we will see!)
* You may end up chipping your drywall (as I did) during installation... At the very least you'll be stuck with 2 decent sized screw holes in the wall... but drywall patch is cheap and easy to use when you move out of your apartment, so this doesn't bother me

Pieces included:
* Top bike hanger & 2 wood screws to affix hanger
* Bottom tire tray & double-stick tape to affix the tray

Tools needed:
* Stud finder
* Drill (to drill pilot-holes)
* Phillips screw driver

The bottom line:
* It works, its cheap, and your hanging bike makes your room look rad
I purposely waited a few days before writing this to be assured that my bike actually remained on the wall... so far, it has. 

Leonardo Bike Rack & Tire Tray (by The Art of Storage)
Leonardo Bike Rack & Tire Tray (by The Art of Storage)

Link: Link to purchase on Amazon for $15 at time of writing

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