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Aster Cycling Safety Backpack

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2016-05-13

Aster claims to significantly improve visibility by implementing safety features into their backpack previously only seen in motor vehicles. It looks like a pretty cool idea. Let's see if they can get it into production and a cost that is fair. 

Link: Link Reference.

Bicycle Coffee Co (Oakland, CA)

Author: Dustin Posted: 2016-04-01

We know you love all things bike.  And I'd bet there's a better than 50/50 chance you love coffee too.  If I'm right, you'll really dig Bicycle Coffee Co in Oakland, CA.  They have a great little coffee shop, their own roasting operation, and even coffee delivery-by-bike!

Click here to check out a full review on friend-of-VLB site CaliCoffeeCouple.com

Bicycle Coffee Co guys waste no opportunity to get their great coffee into your hands.  If you buy some merch, you're 
likely to get a free cup of coffee (pour over or cold brew).  You get a free cup when you buy a bag of their beans.  And anybody who goes there on Fridays gets a free coffee just for the heck of it!

Their logo is a great combo of coffee mug + gear.  Their cold brew tap is pressurized by a bike pump.  They are just rad all around, and we knew you'd dig it too!

Link: Bicycle Coffee Co Review (CaliCoffeeCouple.com)

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The Breaker Multi Tool from Full Windsor

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2016-03-16

The Breaker Multi Tool from Full Windsor on Vimeo.

Buy Now on Amazon: Breaker Multi Tool - Brown

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Bianchi MTB Bike Sell & Rental, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2015-12-28

While exploring the Inle lake region of Myanmar, some friends suggested that we rent some bikes to get around. There are a ton of bike rental stores everywhere, but not any that rent bikes that are up to date and capable to explore on and off-road. In Nyaung Shwe we found one shop with an eccentric shop owner bike enthusiast at Bianchi MTB Bike Sell & Rental. He had some pretty nice Bianchi's with extra tubes, tools, pump, locks, and helmets for rent. This guy really made sure we were ready for anything. He'll even show you any current bike builds he's undertaking if you're interested. Rent from him and you won't be sorry!

Contact Number: 09 250480795, or 09 428323336

RedShift Sports Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2015-10-08

Shockstop is an adjustable-stiffness suspension stem thatsmooths out imperfect roads. It was designed from the ground up specifically for road bikes, hybrids, and triathlon bikes. The design matches the sleek appearance of modern bicycles, without compromising the performance or steering of your bike.

The stem features dual adjustable elastomers that let you fine-tune the ride feel. Shockstop proves that performance and comfort are not mutually exclusive concepts. @redshift_sports

Link: RedShift Sports


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