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Advertise on VivaLaBike!

Author: Dustin Posted: 2014-11-12

Advertise on VLB and reach your target audience!

As you have seen on the right and left side-bars, VLB offers graphic/banner ads which will allow you to reach your target audience - fellow bike enthusiasts from around the world!


The longer you advertise, the less you pay per month!


1 Month             $7/month

2-6 Months          $5/month 

Full Year:          $50/year

**All rates are in USD

Though there is no exact equivalent, we've found that similar sites are charging anywhere from $50-100 per month for similar ads.  We want you to get value for your ad dollars with our very competitive rates!


Your ad will reach:

* Over 1000 monthly visitors (average)

* Regularly returning visitors (approx 20% of our visits)

* And a strong stream of new visitors!! (i.e. increased sets of eyes seeing your ads on a regular basis).  
Approximately 80% of our visits are from new visitors

* A truly international audience
Approximatle breakdown of site visits by country^:
35% United States

7% United Kingdom

6% South Korea

2-6% each: Singapore, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Hong KOng, Japan, Netherlands, and MORE

^(sample based on June-December 2012)


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