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The King of AlleyCat 2014, June 27th & 28th

Author: OneEyeGoat Posted: 2014-06-05

Our good friends BJ Bicycle is holding their annual AlleyCat event in Dashang Sports Center, Shenzhen, China. The event is scheduled for June 27th and 28th, starting at 9am. They're expecting a large turnout, but are always welcoming. These guys know how to hold an event and on top of it, they're the coolest cats in southern China! 

Shop 56 Di Tie Shang Cheng (subway shops) Dong Men Bu Xing Jie (Dongmen Pedestrian Street) Luohu
Tel: 13510609300

Bicycle Urbanism Symposium, June 19-22

Author: OneEyeGoat Posted: 2013-06-06

The International Bicycle Urbanism Symposium will bring together practitioners, academics, policy makers and advocates with diverse backgrounds including urban design, planning, transportation, engineering, landscape architecture, and public policy.

Over two days, participants will explore the way that cities can best encourage and accommodate bicycle travel in the future. Speakers from around the globe will lead sessions on topics including: imagining the 20-30 year future of bicycle-friendly cities, integrating bicycling into urban planning and design, effects of bike use on health and environment, policies for developing bicycle infrastructure and programs, best practices in bicycle facility design and implementation, advances in bicycle and gear technology and economic contributions, and implementing bicycle policies and plans-education, registration, finance, political, and public acceptance.

The keynote address will be given by noted bicycle researcher John Pucher. In addition to the sessions at the University of Washington, participants will have the option of taking field trips (on bike-of course!) to see and explore Seattle's bike infrastructure.

Link: Link Reference.

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Ai Weiwei Bike Exhibit

Author: OneEyeGoat Posted: 2013-01-25

Ai Weiwei the Chinese artist world renowned for his liberal leaning political views, has a new exhibit that is making it's way around the world. It's currently in Italy at the Galleria Continua. His use of stacked bikes is pretty cool and worth a look.

Link: Link Reference.

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2012 Alliance for Biking and Walking Leadership Retreat

Author: OneEyeGoat Posted: 2012-07-03

2012 Alliance Leadership Retreat
Cultivating Strong Leaders for Our Future

September 7-10, 2012 | at The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

A signature event of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, the 2012 leadership retreat will inspire and connect Alliance leaders with:

The sharing of best practices and techniques;
Discussion of cutting-edge campaigns;
Tools to increase leadership and improve organization efficiency;
Ways to conquer internal and external challenges; and,
Opportunities to increase and diversify the pedestrian and bicycling movement

Link: Link Reference.

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Road Holland Photo Contest

Author: OneEyeGoat Posted: 2012-03-21

Here at S&S, we're suckers for a good bicycle-oriented photos. Maybe it's the graceful form of the bike itself. Or the beauty and interesting environs that always seem to go hand in hand with a ride.

Whatever, the reason, we want to reward those avid photographers out there for their efforts. Send us a great "bike shot" by April 15, 2012 and we'll send you a $20 gift certificate for use on our sister site, Road Holland.  Send your photo(s) to us at SeriousandStylish@roadholland.com

And we'll also enter you in our photo contest for a chance to win a free jersey. Our esteemed panel of judges (me, Richard, and couple other friends with good eyes) will then pick the top ones. Our readers will then vote for the best one ??? the responsible lucky photographer gets a free jersey.

Link: Link Reference.

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