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Lightweight Lock With a Hefty Cost

Author: Wizard Posted: 2016-05-06

Bike security for some is a huge issue. Like many riders, locking their bike up is simply not an option because they do not want to take the chance on their wheels being swiped. So they opt for going for a ride and never really leaving their bike out of their sight. Another issue is the total weight of lugging around a hefty u-lock that adds excess weight, especially over the course of a longer ride. Welcome the new Altor titanium folding lock. Weighing in a mere 560g, the Altor claims to be the lightest high-security lock on the market. Check out the full article to see more on this crazy light lock! https://gearjunkie.com/titanium-bike-lock-altor

[ Lightest High-security Lock ]

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