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California Highway 245 Run Thru the Curves

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2021-09-08

This is my run down highway 245 in central California. This is a super fun road with lots of twists and turns. My small BME G310 GS handled the ride just fine and was a pleasure to ride.

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Abbott Creek Hill Climb

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2021-08-25

After a difficult previous day unsuccessfully attempting to ride the Forest Route 13S58 in the Kings Canyon National Park, I made a second attempt. Although not a perfect ride, I did drop my bike two times, I was able to make it up a very steep and challenging section near Abbott Creek along the route. My BMW G310 GS in the stock configuration made it with a lot of coaxing. My bike and myself were a little bruised, but relieved and filled with a sense of accomplishment on our hard work and our achievement.

Sampson Flat Road to Mill Flat Campground on Kings River California

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2021-08-20

I noticed on Google Maps that there were a few campgrounds nearby in the valley below. My goal was to try and reach the closet Mill Flat Campground. The host of the campground also stated that there was a river appropriately titled Kings River in Kings Canyon that was worth visiting. I decided to try my luck at riding down into the valley to better my off road skills and to kill some time. The BMW G310 GS is a solid bike for this type of terrain.

Mill Flat Campground
Mill Flat Campground

Sequoia Lake & Millwood

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2021-08-20

My intent for the day was to visit Grant's Cove in the Sequoia National Forest. However the entry fee was a bit too expensive for me so I went to explore the nearby Sequoia Lake. Although I was unsuccessful it was a pleasant ride.

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Packing BMW G310 GS for Year Out

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2021-08-07

In preparation for my year long road trip, I've packed all my belongings onto my bike to test it out. I'm pretty much happy with the outcome with only a few modifications needed in order to be road worthy.

Gear includes:
- Piorama Adjustable Duffle
- BMW Motorrad Black Edition 20 L Panniers
- BMW Motorrad Tank Bag
- Mosko Moto 40 L Backcountry Duffle

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